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Grace Spiritual Center

More on Rev. Grace's Sabbatical

After many years of hard work setting up the center and teaching spiritual classes, Rev. Grace Wynands is taking a sabbatical leave. Rev. Grace loves to teach but even teachers need to study since she firmly believes that spiritual growth and development is never ending. She will take this time to study, catch up on reading her spiritual books and materials that have been stacking up over time,  rejuvenate, and channel with her spirit guide Kelsang. Rev. Grace is looking forward to presenting new spiritual material upon her return and seeing you at the GSC Summer Get-Togethers! 

Grace Spiritual Center – Summer Break 2016

Grace Spiritual Center will have a break over the Summer. This means that there are no Sunday Services scheduled at the Encinitas Community Center. We will announce via website and newsletter when these commence again. Of course we won't be completely absent! GSC will have fun Summer Get-Togethers over the break with a nice fresh format for a change. These Summer Get-Togethers  include healing meditations, inspirational discussions and presentations, singing, and a poolside BBQ. Invitations for these Summer Get-Togethers will be sent per email. So be on the look out! In addition, Rev. Grace Wynands is taking a much needed sabbatical leave.

TBA, 2016

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Sunday Service

Sunday Service

10:30am–11:30am    Meditation & Healing

11:30am–12:00pm    Fellowship

12:00pm–1:30pm      Inspirational Service